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How to Take the Perfect Presto Pic

Watch the how-to video below and read our quick tips for setting up your lighting, posing, and framing!

Setting Up Your Lighting

  1. Avoid direct sunlight
  2. Must photograph in a well-shaded area (on a shaded porch or in a well-lit room)
  3. Have open space behind the subject (at least 6ft.)
  4. No people in the background


Set Camera to Portrait Mode if possible. If you do not have Portrait Mode, do not worry.


  1. Step approximately 5-6 ft away from subject – subject facing straight on
  2. Ask subject to turn left toes 3” to the left
  3. Pick right foot up and place parallel to left foot
  4. Result! Slight shoulder turn.
  5. Turn head back to the camera and tilt vertically straight
  6. Nose and eyes straight at the camera
  7. Nose level with earlobes
  8. Camera level with eyes
  9. No hats or sunglasses
  10. Ensure necklace is straight


  1. Hold the camera vertical
  2. Leave a little space above the head
  3. Bottom of the frame at the subject’s elbows (PrestoPics will crop it for you)
  4. Camera level with the subject’s eyes
  5. No people in the background
  6. Even light on the face
  7. Take pictures!

APP Demo

Presto Prints

Presto Photo Prints Allows you to order school portraits photos and other pictures from your phone or tablet’s camera roll and pick them up in about 1 hour at your local CVS pharmacy!